Our Funders

We are very grateful to the following funders – past, present, and current who support and fund the work we do.

Big Lottery Fund

Next Steps Project 2017-2021

We believe that community support is the first step to supporting people on the road to recovery. Our Next Steps project will enable us to bring our specialist services into the heart of communities so that they are easily accessible for all. We will also be working closely with schools as part of this project to support young people to better understand their emotions, and how they can cope in a positive way with difficult times in their lives.

Plymouth City Council

Recovery Services 2018-2019

Our Recovery College is our flagship serviced based in our Victorian building in the heart of Greenbank Plymouth. We offer s suite of courses, 1:1 support, group support and volunteering opportunities as part of people’s journey to better mental health.


Stepping Out Project 2017-2018

We want people to be able to access support at an early stage so their mental health problems do not escalate. For many people, their first place to go is their GP. With funding from this project, we are able to place a specialist member of our team into 2 GP surgeries in Plymouth one day a week. GPs are often confined to 10 minute consultations, but this project will enable patients to access longer sessions of support in their GP’s surgery. We are delighted to be working with some great GP surgeries in Plymouth.

Employment Project 2016-2017

For many people in our community, poor mental health is a barrier to gaining employment and staying in employment. This project works with people who want to return to work, but who need ongoing support to help them manage their mental health conditions. We also work with employers to deliver mental health awareness training and to educate managers on the importance of fostering a mentally healthy workplace.

Side by Side Peer Support Project 2015-2017

Talking with someone who feels the same as you do is a powerful way of supporting people with their mental health. This project enables us to support peer support organisations in the city with training and expert advice. We have also delivered a number of network events to enable a variety of peer support groups to get together and share best practice.

The Henry Smith Charity

Volunteer Development Project 2016-2018

We are committed to offering volunteers a wide variety of opportunities to support their mental health, alongside developing our services using volunteer expertise. We are currently developing our peer support provision with volunteers with lived experience of recovering from poor mental health.

Awards for All

 First Steps Project 2017

Perinatal mental health is a priority for Plymouth and this project will allow us to ask mothers what they need to support them with any mental health difficulties they have leading up to and after the birth of their child. We will also develop our perinatal mental health peer support groups for local mums and their babies 

The Ashworth Charitable Trust

This project allows us to give 1:1 support to individuals who are struggling to maintain employment because of their mental health issues.

Erasmus +

Deliberate Self-Harm (DSH): Positive Choices 2015-2017

This project developed a comprehensive toolkit of resources and training materials that can be used with young people to enable them to become more emotionally resilient, confident, and self-aware.

EMP: PATH Exploring Mindful Parenting, a path towards social well-being 2017-2018

This project focused on exploring ways to support parents in developing a more mindful approach to parenting – for their own well-being and the well-being of their kids and families.

CCTP Community Champion Training Programme 2016-2018

This project  aims to create an NVQ level 3 training programme to improve skills for third sector workers in helping those with disadvantaged backgrounds to develop self-efficacy, confidence and self-belief.

PONToon 2017 – 2020

This project works with women furthest from the workplace to enhance their skills and opportunities for training, employment and entrepreneurship.