Community Champion Training Programme


Training programme runs from April to December 2017

FREE places for up to 12 learners

The Community Champion Training Programme is an NVQ Level 3 programme that will improve skills for working with clients who have mental health issues and/or other disability, and for working with those who come from troubled families and backgrounds.  Through this accredited qualification, we will offer the third sector a common, standard framework for training where none currently exists. The training will include modules underpinned with job coaching and motivational interviewing techniques and will be particularly useful for youth workers and educators in helping young people engage, or re-engage with education and training.

To gain the NVQ Level 3 qualification, each learner must successfully complete 8 modules. Five of the modules are compulsory* because they are central to the organisation and development of third sector organisations and identified as relating to current skills gaps. The remaining 3 modules are optional. Their selection will depend on the key activities of organisations/stakeholders that wish to benefit from training.

There are 20 guided learning hours per module – this is approximately 4-5 hours per week. Some of this time will be spent with a tutor, while the rest will involve learning trough the online ‘Moodle’.

Core modules

1.* Key skills for community development and support (e.g. marketing, finance, fund-raising, writing proposals).

2.* Organisational development and management (e.g. ‘soft skills’, such as people management & communication).

3.* Working with vulnerable groups to encompass mental health and disability (e.g. working with people with long-term mental health problems and young people with common mental health issues).

4.* Developing client’s confidence and motivation (e.g. job coaching and motivational interviewing techniques to aid motivation to engage in employment or education for clients low in self-efficacy).

5.* Volunteering – development and management (e.g. key skills for working with community groups and employers to develop, manage and support volunteering activities).

  1. Up-skilling – training employers (e.g. key skills for working with employers to build resilience, develop, manage and support apprenticeships and social partnerships).

Optional modules

  1. Working with ‘NEETS’ – young people not in education or employment
    (e.g. developing confidence, working with young people’s common mental health issues, building personal skills).
  2. Working with older adults not in employment or education (e.g. developing confidence, working with common mental health and physical health issues in later life, supporting change of career and volunteering).
  3. Working with troubled families (developing and supporting aspiration, safeguarding vulnerable adults and children, using motivational interviewing skills for change).
    10. Working with clients referred via the Criminal Justice System (such as ex-offenders) (developing a client’s confidence and skills, working with substance abuse and common mental health issues, understanding legal and social frameworks).


Please contact [email protected]  if you would like to arrange an informal chat about this training programme.