Where your Money Goes

Our Achievements:


In the year 2015-2016 Plymouth Mind has supported 3903 people in total.


  • 886 – the number of people referred to the Recovery College.
  • 336 – the number of people at any one time attending Recovery College courses.
  • 52 – the number of people supported by our Hearing Voices, Bipolar, OCD, Men Matter Too and Mums Connect peer support groups.
  • 31 – the number of local peer support groups we have helped with training and advice.
  • 802 – the number of people supported with 1-2-1 support.
  • 2367 – the number of individuals provided with emotional support via phone and email.
  • 386 – the average number of people waiting to enrol in Recovery College courses.
  • 42 – the number of new volunteers engaged by the organisation.
  • 6 – the number European partners we are leading in the Erasmus+ Deliberate Self-Harm: Positive Choices project to support young people to develop better coping strategies beyond self-harm.
  • 62 – the number of mental health training courses we have delivered to individuals and organisations across the region.
  • 743 – the number of people who have attended our mental health training courses.
  • 36 – the number of weeks that students were engaged to help the organisation fundraise and help with other projects.
  • 16 – the number of short talks on mental health awareness we have delivered in local schools (primary and secondary).