Voyage of Transformation

Voyage of Transformation

The Voyage of Transformation is a joint project between Plymouth & District Mind and the Tectona Trust. A six-day voyage at sea on the sail training ship Tectona, with its expert and friendly crew, will provide voyagers with an opportunity to work together, to support each other and learn new skills in a new environment. The Voyage leaves on 9th September 2018. You can help us reach our fundraising target here.

NEW! Blog post about the Day Sail

On 25th June, our team of voyagers gathered aboard Tectona for the first time – to find out what it was like to set foot on a ship, to get to know the other voyagers, and to envisage what it might be like to be on a 6-day voyage later in the year. Rachel
blogs about the experience…

I have never been chosen for anything

The day I received an email from Zoe saying that I had a place on the voyage, I was so surprised as I have never been chosen for anything in the past – it took me a few days for it to sink in. I was actually going.

At first there was a lot of excitement, but as it got closer to the first meeting there came doubt – what if the other voyagers don’t like me? What if I do or say something wrong which upsets the others?

But the first meeting came, and it was ok – it seemed that we all had the same worries and concerns, which was great to know that we were all on the same page.

I was so excited I couldn’t sleep

Then came the day sail. I was so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before – I was counting the hours down. The morning seemed to drag but finally we were all ready and raring to go. She came into view – what a magnificent boat she is!

That’s when the nerves kick right in again

It’s all starting to feel real now – we are on the Tectona where we meet her crew who are really nice and welcoming. That’s when the nerves kick right in again – will the life jacket fit? I can’t do much of the night sails because of my meds, will that make a difference? Will I still be able to go?

Tectona bobbing through the waves was bliss

THE LIFE JACKET FITS YES! And I can do the early shift of the night sail, phew! I loved being out to sea, just seeing the Hoe from at sea was amazing, able to sit having lunch with just us, Tectona bobbing though the waves, was bliss. Time for us to relax and get to know each other was great we all just seemed to click with each other. I loved the day so much I couldn’t wait for the week of the voyage in September, so I contacted Roger to do some voluntary work, which is what I’m doing now.

If you get the opportunity to go on a voyage I say go for it, it’s amazing.

~ By Rachel Milden

Why are we doing it?

Plymouth tall ship Tectona has for several years successfully carried out a programme of Recovery Voyages with people who are recovering from addiction. The new environment and the rhythm of life at sea, gives people a fresh perspective where they apply skills they sometimes didn’t even know they had.

The aim for the Voyage of Transformation is to work with people with mental health challenges to improve their self-esteem, support them to develop new skills and coping strategies, and to ultimately empower them to live meaningful and satisfying lives beyond mental ill-health.

The environment will also foster the development of teamwork skills and positive peer support relationships. Voyagers will have the option to work towards the internationally recognised Competent Crew Certificate if they choose to.


The voyage this year will be the first we have done. We think it will really help people, so we would like to be able to do some more. If you are interested in finding out more should we be able to run another next year, you can contact Zoe on 01752 512280 or [email protected]