Listening In Mind – a new service for professionals struggling to cope in work

Are you a professional person?

Are you finding work difficult?

Is life hard to cope with?

We have a new and innovative listening service to support you.

‘Listening In Mind’ is a confidential and non-judgemental service for men and women who need it. We know that many professional people have stressful jobs alongside the other demands in their lives – be that families; friends; and other commitments. We also understand that life can become difficult to cope with, and quite often this can affect and be affected by work.

Out expert listeners are Sharon Claridge and Louise Bishop.

Sharon_picSharon is an Occupational Therapist and she has spent most of her nearly 40 years working in the mental health field so she has developed a vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Sharon enjoys helping people to understand their issues, learn the best way to deal with them and then build their own self reliance and resilience for the future. In mental health there is no one size fits all. Mental health issues are personal and each individual needs to be able to find their own way for moving forward – Sharon has found that having someone you can trust and who will listen to you without making judgements is often the first step on your road to recovery.  Sharon currently works in Plymouth Mind as the CEO and she has been lucky enough to be able to contribute to the development of mental health services in the city. Sharon’s passion is to make sure that we have services that support people when they are in the early stages of their mental health issues.

Louise BishopLouise spent 35 years working in a highly stressful professional environment where she experienced the pressures and anxieties such work can bring. So, inspired by the work of MIND and aware of the support it offers, Louise has teamed up with Sharon Claridge to form Listening In Mind to offer professionals a safe place to talk about their anxieties. Louise set up the Plymouth University Listening Post in 2014.  This is a new venture which works alongside and compliments their Counselling and Wellbeing Department offering students the chance to access a drop in post to talk through their anxieties.  Louise has seen how the power of listening and providing a non-judgemental, safe environment can provide space and time to talk in confidence. Work anxieties, stressful targets, difficulties within the workplace can be lonely, distressing and hard to cope with on your own.

Listening in Mind is here for you and will start on Thursday 2nd July between 5.30pm and 7.30pm, and continue every Thursday thereafter.

Come in and see one of our expert listeners – it is not necessary to make an appointment.

You can find us at: 8 Woodside, Greenbank, Plymouth, PL4 8QE

(There is no official fee, but we do ask for a £20 donation for each session)