L’Ydille Lang is a space for training and experiencing in intercultural, personal and sustainable development. Living life as a Whole.

The aims of L’Ydille Lang focus on:

  • Enabling self-improvement, willingness, and good faith in order to strive towards individual and social education by maintaining just relations with others, by self-fulfillment.
  • Helping in the management of emotions.
  • Transmitting knowledge in order to build responsible citizens, who take their actions and consciousness of their individual responsibilities in the respect of human rights.
  • Protecting nature in favor of education for sustainable development: the right to a healthy and sustainable environment.
  • Promoting tolerance and justice in order to combat racism, injustice and intolerance in order to move towards education for global citizenship by meeting different lifestyles and behaviors on the planet.
  • Analyzing our interaction with other cultures, societies or social groups.