This page is a work in progress, and as the EMP:PATH project continues, we will populate this section with more information.

Suggested reading

If you want to find out more about mindfulness and how you can practice it, the following resources are very useful

  • Professor Mark Williams from The University of Oxford –
    Mindfulness and stress – click here.
  • Rebecca Crane from The Bangor Centre for Mindfulness –
    Mindfulness and stress
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn – What is Mindfulness? Click here.
  • Vidyamala Burch – Choosing to live well with pain & illness
  • Vidyamala Burch – The Mindful Way to well being – The Breathworks approach – click here
  • Ruby Wax talks about stress, anxiety and mindfulness – click here.
  • Mindfulness on BBC Breakfast – January 2012 – Click here
  • Mindfulness on Radio 4 – January 2015 – Click here