Recovery College

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem in any given year, we may all need some help and support at some time.  Our range of services and support for people in the local Plymouth community and surrounding districts include:

  • Recovery College: The Recovery College offers a complete range of useful courses and support groups to help you understand and manage your mental health issues and support your recovery (e.g. Managing Anger, Managing Stress).  Courses are free or low cost but need to be booked in advance. See courses available.
  • Mental Health Training: Mental health costs employers millions of pounds each year in absenteeism and poor performance as well as impacting on peoples’ lives.  We offer a full range of courses to help businesses and organisations recognise, support and reduce mental health issues in the workplace and promote wellbeing.  Find out more.
  • Young People and Parent’s tips and advices to overcome mental health issues related to the growth. Find out more


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