What does bullying means?

Bullying is where someone hurts you either physically, by hitting or kicking you, or verbally by calling you names or teasing you. Bullying can be done in a number of ways. Someone might be bullying you if they are:

  • Calling you names
  • Spreading lies about you
  • Teasing you
  • Hitting or kicking you and causing you physical pain
  • Pushing or pulling you about
  • Taking your money or possessions
  • Leaving you out or excluding you
  • Threatening or intimidating you
  • Texting you horrible messages
  • Filming you on their mobile phones and spreading it about
  • Sending you horrible emails or messages on Facebook and other social networking websites.

What to do if you are being bullied

Don’t ignore bullying, it won’t go away. If you are being bullied, it can be making your life really miserable and you need to talk to someone about what is happening.

Ideally you should talk to your parents or carers or your teacher if the bullying is happening at school. If you can’t talk to your parents or teacher, a friend could maybe talk to them for you. You must tell someone though.

If the bullying is going on at school, the school should operate an anti-bullying policy. Maybe your teacher doesn’t know you are being bullied.

Keep telling people until it stops. The bullying may not stop the first time you tell your parents or teacher and they try and put a stop to it. If it continues, tell your parents or teacher again.

If you are being bullied online on websites such as Facebook you can report it using the CEOP button (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre) button. You could also contact cybermentors.

Visit the Young Minds website and read some real life stories written by young people who have overcome being bullied.