Exam stress

Sometimes exam stress can make us feel sick, lonely or worried. To overcome this feelings and giving our best during exams,  try the following:

  • Take frequent breaks. Psychologists say we can only concentrate properly for 30-45 minutes. There are lots of online services like Pomodoro that help you take regular breaks. When you’re on your break, do something completely different – move away from your desk, walk about, or make some tea!
  • Eat well. Keep blood sugars level to avoid highs and lows of energy, by eating slow-release foods like bread, rice, pasta, fruit and veg.
  • Think about when and where you work bestSome of us aren’t morning people, and not everybody finds themselves productive in the library. There’s no one best place or time to work – it’s about what works for you!
  • Sleep! Try to get about 8 hours’ sleep a night. If you’re stressed about not being able to sleep, there are lots of ways you can overcome sleep problems: keep pen and paper by your bedside to write down your thoughts and try to forget about them, drink a cup of warm milk or herbal tea before going to bed, try not to eat too much late at night, have moderate exercise during the day or read a book.
  • Find activities that help you relax. Maybe it’s a hot bath, watching a TV show, or a creative activity. Schedule this down-time into your timetable.