2. Support Groups

All Plymouth & District Mind groups are facilitated by members of staff and assisted by trained volunteers. These groups offer the opportunity to talk to others who know what you are going through in a safe and supportive environment. They give members the space to share stories and coping strategies. The groups normally meet twice a month, but this is determined by the group itself in discussion with the supporting member of staff.

Bipolar Support
These group sessions are open to all individuals with experience of Bipolar Affective Disorder, either through personal experience or as a partner, friend, or someone who cares. Students learn from and support each other by sharing experiences and discussing what helps them to stay as well as possible and cope with their condition.

OCD Support
The sessions are open to anyone with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or a related condition. The aim of this group is to provide an opportunity for people to met, to share information and experiences; to support each other; and to learn from each other in a friendly understanding setting.

Hearing Voices Support
The sessions are open to anyone who hears voices and are based firmly on an ethos of self help, mutual respect and empathy. Discussions within the group offer an opportunity for people to accept and live with their experiences in a way that gives them control over their lives.

Men Matter Too
The aim of this group is to show men they can share, support, and explore their personal challenges confidentially in a non-judgmental way, encouraging them to be themselves. The group works towards promoting healthy lifestyle choices and mental wellbeing among men locally.

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