8. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find out further information about a course or check if there are places available on my chosen course?
We are always happy to talk to you regarding any information that you may need, either by telephone (o1752 512280) or e-mail ([email protected]).

How much do courses cost?
The courses cost £25. The WEA courses are provided free of charge to eligible students, but there will be a small cost to cover course resource. Further details will be provided when you return your registration form

How many other students will be on a course with me?
This can vary depending on the nature of the course. The average is likely to be around 10-12. Our aim is to keep the courses small and friendly.

Will I need to share any personal information whilst on the course?
Our course descriptions highlight that some of our courses will involve the sharing of personal information to enhance learning. However, you can rest assured that we place great importance on maintaining student’s confidentiality. The only time that confidential information may be shared is if we feel that your safety or another person’s safety is at risk. In this unlikely event, we would discuss the need to take action with you personally.

What happens once I have finished a course?
We want to work with you to support your learning so you can reach your goals and ambitions. We will work with you to identify the courses that will enable you to do this. The Recovery College is not designed to be somewhere you attend in the ‘long term’ but a stepping stone to other opportunities. We will work in partnership with you to support you to consider options that are beyond the Recovery College.

I’m worried I didn’t have a particularly good experience at school; will I be able to attend the Recovery College?
Please don’t worry! We understand that many people may have had a poor experience of education at school or may have been out of education for a long time. Our courses do not require you to be any particular academic level – only that you can participate, complete and learn from the course. People learn in different ways and our courses are designed taking this into account.

I’m worried I may not be able to attend the entire course, what will happen if I don’t finish?
We understand that there will be genuine reasons why on some occasions people will find it difficult to attend sessions they have committed to. In order to be considered as having completed a course, we will expect you to have attended all of the sessions. Our tutors will talk through with you any difficulties you may be having in attending but we cannot guarantee to keep offering places on courses to people who repeatedly fail to attend any or all of the sessions.

Visit our Registration page to find out how you can access the Recovery College.

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