Our offer individuals with mental ill health and/or low mental wellbeing the opportunity to take part and learn more about ways to manage their own mental and physical wellbeing.  The workshops, like the courses are open to carers/supporters also.

All our workshops are FREE to access. Workshops are scheduled to run once there are enough people interested in attending – they usually run for 1 or 2 hours.

A place can be booked by e-mail: [email protected] , phone 01752 512280 or sending us a facebook message

You can also download a copy of our Recovery College Programme 2018

Getting into Volunteering

Find out more about the skills you need when volunteering and the types of opportunities that people can access.

Co-production  – what does it mean?

Would you like to get involved in helping us to develop and design new services to meet local needs? This workshop will introduce you to the concept of co-production.

Understanding and Managing Insomnia

Find out about insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns alongside information on how to manage insomnia.

Drawing your Breath

This workshop combines mindfulness and art as a coping strategy for stress.  Participants have the opportunity to join our mindfulness courses if they wish to find out more.

Finding the Words

It isn’t always easy to find the words when you visit your GP about your mental health. This short workshop will help you access the support that best meets your needs.

Green Fingers

Find out more about the positive benefits of horticulture for mental health and wellbeing. This workshop is delivered in our garden.

Surviving and Thriving at Work

Learn about ways in which you can stay mentally well at work and ways in which you can avoid those workplace triggers that make you unwell.